Program Detail

Provider Name:  The Kings Christian Academy Four Year Old Program
License #: 155179
County:  Saint Mary's County
Provider Status:  Open
Capacity:  32
3 years
4 years
5 years
5 years to 15 years
Approved Education Program:  No
Accreditation:  NA
* Maryland EXCELS logo Level: 
Phone:  (301) 994-3080
E-mail:  srog@kingschristianacademy.org
Approved For:  Monday - Friday
7:00 AM - 5:30 PM
September - June
* Maryland EXCELS logo Level: 
Serious Injuries:  0
Fatalities:  0
DateInspection TypeRegulationsFindingStatus
05/08/2019Routine13A.16.08.02BThe after care teacher is not qualified by the Office of Child Care. She is working on completing her coursework. The school must advise the licensing specialist of the plan for the upcoming school year - a qualified after care teacher or changing the program to an after school enrichment club. The center is having a difficult time finding a qualified person or keeping qualified persons. Staffing exemptions were discussed in regards to being operated by a true religious entity. The IRS documents will be shared with the specialist's supervisor to see if it is a possibility.Corrected
05/08/2019Routine13A.16.07.06CTwo new employees who began at the beginning of this school year did not have an abuse and neglect background check done because the release forms were not received by this office. The release forms were received today. Releases completed at the beginning of the year were observed in their files but not sent in to the licensing specialist. The school understands the release forms must be sent in upon beginning employment so the staff person can be cleared.Corrected
05/08/2019Routine13A.16.03.06A(1)There have been staffing changes for this school year which were not sent to the licensing specialist. A new personnel list was completed adding the new staff and deleting staff who have left. The school is reminded to notify the specialist of any staffing changes within the required timeframes.Corrected
05/08/2019Routine13A.16.06.04A(1)A medical is needed for the after care staff member.Corrected
05/30/2018Routine No Noncompliances Found 
05/24/2017Routine13A.16.03.06A(1)The center did not notify the licensing agency about hiring a new employee.Corrected
05/24/2017Routine13A.16.06.12A(3)Each aide did not meet all continued training requirements.Corrected
*“Maryland EXCELS” is a Quality Rating and Improvement System that recognizes child care and education programs for achieving quality standards that go beyond the requirements of State child care licensing regulations. Program participation in Maryland EXCELS is voluntary. For more information about Maryland EXCELS and this program’s participation status, click here.

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