Program Detail

Provider Name:  Bay Montessori School and Day Care Center
License #: 81117
County:  Saint Mary's County
Provider Status:  Open
Capacity:  48
6 weeks through 17 months
18 months through 23 months
2 years
3 years
4 years
5 years
5 years to 15 years
Approved Education Program:  No
Accreditation:  NA
* Maryland EXCELS logo Level: 
Phone:  (301) 737-2421
E-mail:  twillen@baymontessori.com
Approved For:  Monday to Friday
6:45 AM - 5:30 PM
January to December
* Maryland EXCELS logo Level: 
Serious Injuries:  0
Fatalities:  0
DateInspection TypeRegulationsFindingStatus
06/25/2019Routine13A.16.08.02BOne staff person with the infants was not qualified to be a lead teacher. Paperwork will be gathered and given to the licensing specialist to have this staff person qualified.Corrected
06/25/2019Routine13A.16.06.05B(3)This director has a variance to complete the Administration training that expired on September7, 2018 and the training is still not completed. The director claims to still have the materials for this class and will complete it by the end of the month. The licensing specialist will be notified when this has been finished.Corrected
07/25/2018Routine13A.16.03.02EOf the randomly reviewed files, a 17 month old and 23 month old children need to have the lead screening completed. Please make sure the currently posted DHMH 4620 Maryland Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene Blood Lead Testing Certificate is used. Please review other files for children under 6 years old to ensure they have had the screening or blood test completed. The center will need to develop method for tracking when children are due for their screening or blood test to be completed within the 30 days after the child is admitted. For those children under 12 months old, a system will need to be developed to flag when the child has reached 12 months old. It was documented in a 3 yr. old child's file that the lead test was indicated. Will need to follow up with parent to obtain blood test results and provide copy to center.Corrected
07/25/2018Routine13A.16.03.06A(2)Operator did not notify Office of staff person no longer being used in the child care program at the end of the school year. Information was received during 7-26-18 inspection. This has been corrected as of 7-26-18.Corrected
07/25/2018Routine13A.16.03.06A(1)Received information about a staff person who had been working since 7-2-18 and the Office had not been notified as required. The staff person's release of information form and Individual Personnel form were received on 7-26-18 during the inspection. This was corrected 7-26-18. Corrected
07/25/2018Routine13A.16.03.04GA 23 month old child did not have record of 4th Hib immunization in the file. None of the previous immunizations were administered after the child had turned 12 months old. Parent will need to provide updated immunization record. Please review remaining files to ensure all children are current on their immunizations. Documentation from doctor is required if child is on delayed schedule.Corrected
07/25/2018Routine13A.16.11.03BStaff did not wash hands prior to lunch preparation in the toddler room. Toddlers were served lunch prior to their hands being washed. Children's hands had been washed earlier, however the children went back to playing afterwards and ate lunch before hands were washed before actually eating. This was discussed with the director and it is understood that periodic reminders will need to be made about the hand washing procedure. Also advised that there is a new diapering procedure posted on the MSDE website and recommended for staff to review.Corrected
07/25/2018Routine No Noncompliances Found 
07/25/2018Routine13A.16.06.04A(1)A completed Medical Evaluation form had not been received for a substitute prior to her working at the center. Send copy of completed form. Corrected
07/25/2018Routine13A.16.08.02BNot all staff persons have met requirements for the positions they are serving in. Director has requested one staff person's teaching diploma be re-evaluated for preschool qualifications, she is identified as the preschool teacher for 2 year old children between 9:00 am- 1:00 pm and 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm. The infant room does not have a qualified infant, toddler staff person in charge of the group between 11:00 am - 11:30 am and between 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm. The toddler room does not have an infant, toddler qualified staff person with the group of children between 11:30 am - 12:30 pm.Corrected
07/25/2018Routine13A.16.11.04F(1)Between 4:30 pm and 5:30 pm there are no staff on site who have completed the Medication Administration course. Will need to adjust staffing pattern accordingly. Suggest having another staff person complete the training. Corrected
07/25/2018Routine13A.16.06.09B(1)One of the preschool teachers had not completed the required clock hours of continued training during the time frame in which it was due. 8 hours of continued training need to be completed for the 2017-2018 year. Please submit copies of the training certificate once received. Staff person has 30 days to complete training.Corrected
07/21/2017Routine13A.16.03.06A(1)The center did not notify the licensing agency about hiring a new employee.Corrected
07/21/2017Routine13A.16.06.05B(3)The center director did not successfully complete all required preservice training.Corrected
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