Program Detail

Provider Name:  La Petite
License #: 33305
County:  Montgomery County
Provider Status:  Open
Capacity:  132
6 weeks through 17 months
18 months through 23 months
2 years
3 years
4 years
5 years
5 years to 15 years
Approved Education Program:  No
Accreditation:  NA
* Maryland EXCELS logo Level: 
Phone:  (301) 963-0986
E-mail:  7064@lapetite.com
Approved For:  Monday to Friday
6:30 AM - 6:30 PM
January to December

Fatalities:  0
Serious Injuries:  0
* Maryland EXCELS logo  Level:  1
For a view of the checklist displaying the compliance status click the hyperlink shown under the ‘Inspection Report’ column 
Inspection ReportDateInspection TypeRegulationsFindingStatus
Inspection Report05/28/2020Other No Noncompliances Found 
Inspection Report11/15/2019Mandatory Review13A.16.06.09B(1)Licensing Specialist observed that one preschool lead completed four and a half hours instead of twelve hours during her last full hire year. Corrected
Inspection Report11/15/2019Mandatory Review13A.16.06.12A(3)Licensing Specialist observed three aides with zero training during the last full hire year.Corrected
Inspection Report08/22/2018Full13A.16.03.02BObserved the written information about individual needs that appears with the Health Inventory missing for some of the children.Corrected
Inspection Report08/22/2018Full13A.16.03.02C(1)Observed no evidence of the consumer education pamphlet being made available to the parents who visit the center.Corrected
Inspection Report08/22/2018Full13A.16.03.04CObserved a variety of written information not being maintained on the emergency forms such as parent signatures, updates, authorized pick up person, and health care provider.Corrected
Inspection Report08/22/2018Full13A.16.03.06A(2)One employee departed on May 30, 2018, but no evidence of notification within five days can be located.Corrected
Inspection Report08/22/2018Full13A.16.10.01A(3)(d)Observed no evidence of an annual update since 2016. An update was recorded today.Corrected
Inspection Report08/03/2018Complaint13A.16.03.06A(1)Licensing specialists observed 4 new employees working in classrooms that have been employed for more than 1 month without prior notification to the Office of Child Care.Corrected
Inspection Report08/03/2018Complaint13A.16.03.06A(2)Licensing specialists were notified today during inspection about the departure of 3 staff members who have been employed for more than 5 days.Corrected
Inspection Report08/03/2018Complaint13A.16.06.02Two of the 4 new staff members did not have evidence of having had staff orientations and both must be submitted within ten days.Corrected
Inspection Report08/03/2018Complaint13A.16.08.02BNew staff were observed alone in classrooms during inspection without prior notification and approval by the Office of Child Care. Corrected
*“Maryland EXCELS” is a Quality Rating and Improvement System that recognizes child care and education programs for achieving quality standards that go beyond the requirements of State child care licensing regulations. Program participation in Maryland EXCELS is voluntary. For more information about Maryland EXCELS and this program’s participation status, click here.

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