Program Detail

Provider Name:  La Petite
License #: 32091
County:  Charles County
Provider Status:  Open
Capacity:  6 weeks through 17 months
18 months through 23 months
2 years
3 years
4 years
5 years
5 years to 15 years
Approved Education Program:  No
Accreditation:  NA
* Maryland EXCELS logo Level: 
Phone:  (301) 645-6632
E-mail:  lpamdws@lpacorp.com
Approved For:  Monday to Friday
5:45 AM - 6:30 PM
January to December
* Maryland EXCELS logo Level:  1
Serious Injuries:  0
Fatalities:  0
DateInspection TypeRegulationsFindingStatus
11/30/2018Routine13A.16.03.05BStaffing pattern that was submitted to specialist at the beginning of November had some issues that specialist discussed with director. That same staffing pattern is posted today. It wasn't accurate as to where the staff were in the classrooms. Specific rooms were Room 6, Room 3, and Room 2.Corrected
11/30/2018Routine13A.16.06.12A(3)One aide has not completed her required training within the correct time frame. She has 3 more hours of training to complete that was due 9/2018. She needs to complete this immediately.Corrected
11/30/2018Routine13A.16.06.12B3 aides have not completed the aide orientation. One was due by 8/2018. One was due by 10/18. One was due by today. These aides need to complete this training immediately.Corrected
11/30/2018Routine13A.16.08.03D(2)(d)Room 6 had 6 two year olds in the group of 16 children. There were only two staff with the group. When more than 3 two year olds are this group there must be 3 staff present. Corrected
11/30/2018Routine13A.16.10.04AThe staff supply cabinet in Room 4 had a staff purse in it and no safety latch on the doors to the cabinet. The purse was on a hook but not up very high. Staff need to be sure purses are inaccessible to the children. In Room 5 there were cleaning sprays within reach of the children in the staff supply cabinet. There was no safety latch on this cabinet. The sprays were moved up high during visit.Corrected
11/30/2018Routine13A.16.05.08IThe bathroom in Room 7 didn't have toilet paper at each toilet, no paper towels, and the hot water was turned off. Specialist turned the hot water back on. Center needs to resupply the bathroom.Corrected
11/30/2018Routine13A.16.03.06A(2)Specialist was notified today of 3 staff persons having left. May 2018, August 2018, and September 2018 were when they left. Center is reminded to notify specialist within 5 days of a staff person's leaving employment.Corrected
11/30/2018Routine13A.16.09.03ARoom 4 needs to have more toys on the shelves for the children to select from. Things such as art materials and table toys need to be increased. Room 7 needs more variety of art materials. Corrected
11/30/2018Routine13A.16.06.09B(1)5 teachers are late on completing their yearly training requirement. 2 of the teachers completed their training late and the other 3 teachers have not yet completed their training. These staff need to complete the training immediately.Corrected
11/30/2018Routine13A.16.06.04A(1)4 staff do not have medicals on file. These staff need to get a medical completed immediately.Corrected
04/10/2018Complaint13A.16.08.03D(1)Complaint states that group size and staffing ratios are not being met in the infant and toddler rooms and some other rooms.Findings:Specialist arrived at 8:50 am.All the rooms were in compliance with staff/child ratios and group sizes.At 8:55am the toddler room went out of compliance with 7 children and 2 staff.This was fixed at 9:03am. At 9:05 am the toddler room was 7 children to 2 staff again. It remained this way until 9:20am when another staff person arrived.Room 2 (infants) was out of compliance at 9:17am by having 7 children with 2 staff. At 9:20am one of the children (a toddler) was moved to the toddler room.At 10:50am Room 1 went out of compliance with 7 children and 2 staff.This was corrected by moving some staff and children.Specialist looked at sign in sheets for earlier today and found that Room 1 was out of compliance with 7 children with 2 staff at 7:30am, 8:00am, and 8:30am.Room 4 (opening for 2 and up) was out of compliance from 7:30-7:50 with 13 children and 1 staff.Director states she was not in the toddler room on 4/3/18. She was in the infant rooms. The qualified staff in the toddler room was there.Center needs to be sure that ratios and group size are met. Corrected
04/10/2018Complaint13A.16.03.05BCenter needs to update the staffing patterns. Some of the staff have left.Corrected
11/03/2017Routine13A.16.06.04A(1)The center did not obtain a medical evaluation for each prospective employee that met all requirements. Corrected
11/03/2017Routine13A.16.09.02BThe center did not have a written individualized activity plan for each infant and toddler.Corrected
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