Program Detail

Provider Name:  Celebree Learning Center
License #: 45396
County:  Howard County
Provider Status:  Open
Capacity:  129
6 weeks through 17 months
18 months through 23 months
2 years
3 years
4 years
5 years
5 years to 15 years
Approved Education Program:  Yes
Accreditation:  MSDE
* Maryland EXCELS logo Level: 
Phone:  (410) 461-5557
E-mail:  pdellicottcity@celebree.com
Approved For:  Monday to Friday
6:30 AM - 6:30 PM
January to December

Fatalities:  0
Serious Injuries:  0
* Maryland EXCELS logo  Level:  5
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Inspection ReportDateInspection TypeRegulationsFindingStatus
Inspection Report04/13/2021Mandatory Review13A.16.12.04F(3)Observed potentially hazardous food in the school age lunches that were not refrigerated. Corrected during inspection. Staff went through lunch boxes, dated, labeled and then refrigerated the perishable food. Corrected
Inspection Report11/10/2020Full No Noncompliances Found 
Inspection Report12/20/2019Complaint13A.16.08.01A(2)(b)Center self reported that 2 school-age children were left in the classroom unattended for 3 minutes this morning. The center has terminated the staff responsible. Corrected
Inspection Report02/27/2019Mandatory Review13A.16.10.04ASpecialist observed chipping paint and drywall on the walls in Classroom F. Director shall correct all areas of chipping paint and drywall and send a picture. Specialist observed soap in an unlocked cabinet under the changing table in Room D. Facility made inaccessible at time of inspection. Corrected
Inspection Report02/27/2019Complaint13A.16.03.06E(2)Facility lost heat in 3 of their classrooms on Tuesday, February 26, 2019 and children were moved to alternate classrooms until heat was restored and the temperature reached appropriate levels. Specialist observed no evidence of notification being made to the Office of Child Care. Corrected
Inspection Report02/27/2019Complaint13A.16.08.03D(1)Facility lost heat in their infant and toddler classrooms. Between the hours of 6:30 AM and roughly 11:00 AM, the infants and toddler classrooms were combined in Room D. Director indicated their were 6 toddlers and 3 infants once all children arrived and before they returned to their classrooms. The maximum group size with 3 infants present is 6. Director indicated the toddlers were kept on one side of the classroom and infants on another side of the classroom, but a barrier was not placed in-between the two sides. Corrected
Inspection Report02/27/2019Complaint13A.16.09.03ADirector indicated infants and toddlers were moved to a three's classroom for the morning hours of Tuesday, February 26, 2019 while heat was being repaired in their classroom. Director indicated age appropriate materials and equipment were brought over for the infants and toddlers, but age and developmentally inappropriate materials were not made inaccessible to the infants and toddlers. Corrected
*“Maryland EXCELS” is a Quality Rating and Improvement System that recognizes child care and education programs for achieving quality standards that go beyond the requirements of State child care licensing regulations. Program participation in Maryland EXCELS is voluntary. For more information about Maryland EXCELS and this program’s participation status, click here.

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